What’s a Garden Coach?

Today you can get a coach to help with your career, finances, health, parenting, and more. Whatever the topic, coaches are driven by the desire to connect and share with others in order to enhance the lives of both parties.

A garden coach is someone who offers encouragement, expertise, and education to those who want to learn how to garden.

Much like fixing a car, gardening requires a certain amount of knowledge. You may not have the time to acquire that knowledge on your own, and that’s where a coach comes in. You don’t need to become an expert, you just need to get advice from someone who is.

If you want to GIY—Grow It Yourself—a garden coach can take you step-by-step through the process.

What You Can Learn

The great thing about coaching is that it is tailored to your individual needs. Whatever is going on in your garden that you want to tackle, a coach can target that project and give you the know-how and motivation to do it.

You can learn:

  • Pruning techniques for overgrown shrubs
  • What’s that bug?!—Organic pest solutions
  • Picking the right plant for the right place
  • How to grow plants in containers
  • Where to buy the best plants
  • How to shop at a garden center or nursery
  • The difference between a perennial and an annual
  • How to divide plants
  • Which plants to grow from seed or from starts (and what is a start, anyway?!)
  • How to sow seeds
  • Deer-deterrent techniques (note: the only foolproof option is a fence!)
  • Simple design techniques
  • How to get the perfect edge
  • Which tools are worth investing in
  • And much more

A coach can customize sessions to your needs and save you time and money in the long run.

Did you catch that? Save you time and money! You won’t have to spend time researching or waste money trying things you’re not sure will work. 


Why I Coach

My dad had a big garden when I was growing up, but I didn’t realize that I loved gardens and gardening until I took a horticulture class in college to fulfill a science requirement.

I was stunned! I hadn’t realized one could make a career of spending the day in a garden or talking, writing, or thinking about plants.

The Conservatory at Stonecrop

The Conservatory at Stonecrop Gardens

With only one year of school to go, I couldn’t have changed my major even if my school offered horticulture as an option, which it didn’t. So I graduated and went on to learn more about plants as a student at two world-class gardens: Stonecrop Gardens and Longwood Gardens.

I discovered that even more than the gardening itself, I loved sharing about gardening and exploring gardens with others.

Cover story and photo, Fine Gardening magazine, 2004

Cover story and photo, Fine Gardening magazine, 2004

I became an editor at Kitchen Gardener and Fine Gardening magazines, gave workshops and lectures on plants and how they can change your life, helped launch a community garden, and started my own gardening business.

After a recent stint working in holistic education, I’m more convinced than ever that for our own health and for the health of our planet we need to have our hands in the dirt.

Whether you want to have a better looking yard, grow some of your own food, or feel more connected to the rhythm of the seasons, let’s get your hands dirty!


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